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The Musical Road

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Located on West Avenue “G” in the city of Lancaster, California, the musical road was this first built in The United States and of only a few such attractions in the world; the others being in New Mexico, Japan and Korea.


Lancaster’s musical road began as a commercial project sponsored by American Honda Motor Co., Inc..

Click here to go behind the scenes on the making of the Civic Musical Road

The Musical Road opened in the summer of 2008 and was an instant hit with the local population of the Antelope Valley.

What started out as a  local sensation soon gained regional and finally, worldwide attention as the thousands of visitors to the road sparked complaints from a few nearby residents.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, the few complainers, citing traffic related problems, sleepless night and the sounds of the Lone Ranger floating on the wind 24/7 sought to have the road removed. After only a few weeks the City of Lancaster complied and it seemed the musical road was doomed to memory only. In late September, 2008 city road crews ground down the road, repaved it and the music died.

The City of Lancaster, realizing they had a hugely popular attraction on their hands began immediately searching for funding and a new location at which to revive the musical road; finally settling on a fairly remote but easily accessible stretch of Avenue G, west of the 14 Freeway. The new location is miles from any residential neighborhoods, is on a three-lane stretch of highway and provides much easier access with no foreseen adversity to those who would spoil the fun.


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